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Deliver Software Value, Faster

Improve the speed and quality of your software delivery using the Customer Centric approach

Customer Centric Software Delivery

Handling Everyday Complexity

Building software at scale is a complex problem. Your software solution is a socio-technical system. That means it’s partially technical, partially social. Sometimes it’s hard to discriminate between the people who build the system, and the system itself.

The investment you’ve made cannot be just measured in terms of lines of code or features delivered.

I specialise in helping you navigate this complexity and understand how to approach technical debt & legacy, feature drought and operational challenges through improving your engineering technique, refactoring, effective organisational approach and iterating to find the right architecture for your company.

Culture & Organisation

Building incredible software for your customers starts with having a great feeling. When a system is new and engineers are excited to work on it (who doesn’t love a greenfield project?), motivation is easy to find.

Engineering Excellence

You might be “doing Agile”, but what does that mean? Are you delivering more customer value faster? You might be building MVPs, but are you putting them in front of customers? Are you actually doing DevOps or do you still have a Change Advisory Board? Is your CI effective, and is it quick?

Aligned Architecture

When we start building a new software application we don’t often follow a rulebook. And when it is eventually deployed, many of the things we forget about at “design and development time” appear and bite us. Many shortcuts we knowingly or unknowingly took make us have to do more work to get it “over the line”.