Is Your Software Delivery Effective?

We’re all busy, but when does busy just become busy work?

Are you focused on providing customer value every single day? As a Software Development or Engineering Organisation, how can you prove that you’re improving? And what steps can you take to increase performance?

Don’t Guess, Measure

Measuring is Knowing. Or as they say in Dutch, “meten is weten”. You cannot hope to improve something if you can’t first measure it.

While software development is often considered to be difficult to estimate, plan and measure – it’s possible to measure success or failure in more than just dollars or euros.

Get insight, improve delivery, get happier customers and happier developers.

Don't Guess, Measure

Customer First

Learn how to put the customer at the heart of your software delivery by being able to anticipate needs, reducing downtime and increasing speed of software delivery.

Developer Friendly

Improve your developer experience through reduced reliance on reacting and more investment in testing, architecture and best practice delivery.

Scalable Architecture

Improve your existing architecture to provide a better flow of customer features, increased resilience and improved security.

Richard Bown

Richard Bown

Independent Consultant