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The Process

Five Steps to Customer-Centric Software Delivery

Follow a five-step approach to improving software delivery, focusing on enabling faster flow and greater accountability throughout the process.

This is the QUEST appoach – Quality, Unrestricted, End-User Centred, Simplicity, Team & Techniques.

These allows us to keep focussed during our work everyday.

But when we’re starting with an application (or whether we’re starting with a legacy application) how do we ensure that we can build that application safely, reliably and it’ll work every time.

Start With The Infra

Before you write a single line of code, firstly decide on your architecture and the infrastructure you’re going to run it on. Decide on your development environment and your production environment.

Start With A Build

Before you get any further decide where you’re going to host your code (source repository), how you’re going to run your CI and build a pipeline which does nothing.

Choose a language you want to work with and make sure it has the necessary tools available to allow you to unit test and integrate with your CI choice.

Start With A Test

Add a testing framework to your empty repository. Then add an empty file, an empty class and start writing your test.

Then run your test and watch it fail.

Then write the code until the test is passing.

Then refactor the code.

Congratulations, you’re doing Test Driven Development.